There will be buses available to pick up participants from the hotel to the conference venue and back to the hotel. The buses will be available at the following pick-up points:

  • Pick-up Point #1: ONE BORNEO HOTEL
  • Pick-up Point #2: PROMENADE HOTEL

**The time for the pick-up will be announced later.


The Official Hotel for ICLAS 7 is the Promenade Hotel. To be eligible for the discounted rates given to participants of ICLAS 7, please cite the following Promo Code: ICLAS 7 PH when making the bookings at Promenade Hotel.

However, for the convenience of participants and attendees of ICLAS 7 Conference, we have listed down some hotels as options for accommodation which are located near the pick-up points:

HOTELS NEAR PICK-UP POINT #1 (One Borneo Hotel):

  1. One Borneo Hotel
  2. Klagan Regency Hotel
  3. Grand Borneo Hotel
  4. Courtyard Hotel
  5. Tune Hotel

HOTELS NEAR PICK-UP POINT #2 (Promenade Hotel):

  1. Promenade Hotel
  2. Le Meridien
  3. The Klagan Hotel
  4. Marina Court Apartments
  5. Promenade Apartments
  6. Boutique Hotels near Warisan Square

HOTELS NEAR PICK-UP POINT #3 (Grandis Hotel/Surya Sabah):

  1. Grandis Hotel/Surya Sabah
  2. Gaya Hotel
  3. Hotel Capitol
  4. DayaKinabalu Hotel
  5. Jesselton Hotel

*Please consult personally each hotel for booking/reservation. The ICLAS 2018 Committee shall not be responsible for the availability of accommodation of the Conference participants.

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